Support a Wellbeing Culture in your Workplace

When companies invest in employee wellbeing programs, they experience long-lasting benefits that extend to both individuals and the organization. It’s clear that fostering wellbeing in the workplace makes a positive difference. Introducing a program offers a range of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Employee Experience and Improved Morale
  • Increased Engagement, Social Connection and Teamwork
  • Improved Retention, Recruitment and Attraction of New Talent
  • Reduced Absenteeism and Increased Productivity
  • Improved Employee Health and Lower Healthcare Costs

Empower Your Team with Recognition and Rewards

The RemoteWorx Platform is specifically designed to inspire employees to take positive wellbeing actions throughout the workday, ensuring that every action is immediately reinforced and incentivized through our Reward Points System. Everyone in the organization can set their own wellness goals, track their activity, and earn Reward Points at their own pace.

It’s easy to show your employees how much they really matter. Celebrate Anniversaries, Milestones, Achievements and more, with automated, built-in gifting options that fit your budget. With hundreds of available curated products, your employees have the flexibility of choosing the rewards they truly want, delivered right to their door!

Consider us your dedicated Wellbeing Department

With direct access to a company Wellbeing Coach and a team of Health and Wellness Experts, we’re fully committed to the wellbeing of your people!

Experience the comprehensive wellness support and elevated inspiration that every member of your organization deserves, regardless of their role or level.

Meet The Team

The Work+Life Shop

Reinforce the healthy habits your team is adopting with rewards that are meaningful, flexible, and accessible. Provide a wide variety of hand-picked wellness items that improve workspace comfort and keep your team mentally and physically energized. Everything in the shop includes Free Shipping, Fast Delivery and unlimited Expert Support.

A One-Stop Solution for Employee Personal and Professional Growth

Every user on the RemoteWorx Platform has their own secure Wellbeing Development Dashboard. Once enrolled, employees can create a personal profile, access the Knowledge Base, set healthy break reminders, communicate with their coach and team members through the Message Center, and track their wellbeing progress. A company client admin can view Real-time Activity Reporting and receives comprehensive Monthly Analytics on team engagement and wellbeing development progress.

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