Your Expert Wellbeing Team

Jen Milnes, PCC

Wellbeing Coach


Jen is a Wellbeing & Leadership Coach transforming the lives of her clients through coaching, education, and facilitation. She was called to coaching after 15+ years as a leader in global corporate retail companies responsible for supply chain, strategy, and operations. She understands being in a high-stress situation, juggling multiple roles, and feeling burnt out.


As an ICF Professional Certified Coach and Certified Mental Fitness Coach, Jen believes that positive change happens one conscious choice at a time. She helps all types of employees improve their wellbeing by increasing awareness, creating a vision of their goal, and building an actionable plan to get there. She is also the founder of “Champion of Change”, a consulting services company for professional and personal growth.

Labrini Kianidis, ANutr



Labrini is a Registered Associate Nutritionist who specializes in Mediterranean lifestyle nutrition. Combining her knowledge of nutrition science with behavior change practices, Labrini empowers others to build positive habits for better health, longevity, and wellbeing without the stress of restrictive or fad dieting practices. At the core of Labrini’s nutrition philosophy is a way of life that promotes a positive attitude towards food, body, environment, and social connectedness, all coming together to build whole-body health.


Alongside a Bachelor of Science in Food and Nutrition, Labrini also holds an Advanced Certificate in Health Coaching, as well as additional certifications in Food and Inflammation, Behavior Change & Wellbeing Management, Mental Health Through Diet & Nutrition, and Intuitive Eating & Non-Diet Practices. Labrini currently runs her own virtual nutrition practice, where she develops accessible coaching resources for those looking to make meaningful steps towards better energy, a healthy weight, mental wellbeing and healthy glowing skin.

Kerry Barrett

Media & Presentation Trainer


Kerry is a leading on-camera media and video trainer and creator for Fortune 100 companies all the way to small business owners and entrepreneurs. She teaches virtual & video presence and on-camera readiness for a broad spectrum of situations ranging from formal talks, video content & social media & media interviews to everyday sales pitches over Zoom.

As an Emmy Award-winning news anchor who overcame a debilitating fear of speaking in public, Kerry offers a unique perspective as someone who has 25 years of experience in front of the camera. Kerry’s specialty is teaching people how they can become relatable to their audiences and make that genuine connection. She offers a variety of digital programs, 1:1 & group coaching, training, and video creation to help people feel confident, sincere, and energetic, yet relaxed on-screen.

Dariush Fathi,PsyD

Clinical Psychologist


Dr. Dariush Fathi is the owner of Psych Fitness Therapy and Consulting, a private practice based in Westport, CT. He specializes in helping high-achieving adults, teens, and couples optimize their mental health so that they can perform their best at work, home, and sports.

He also serves as behavioral health director of a Community Health Center in Danbury, CT, where he manages a team of therapists and psychiatry providers. He provides supervision and training to therapy interns and residents.

Dr. Fathi is passionate about helping people overcome personal challenges, and mental health issues that prevent them from leading their best lives.

Claudia Somer

Yoga Instructor / Flexologist


Claudia is a Registered Yoga Instructor and Certified Flexologist. She holds degrees in Biology and Neuroscience, plus certifications in assisted stretching from Stretch Lab’s Flexologist Training Program. Claudia creates personalized stretch programs for groups and individuals and leads yoga and stretch sessions through her video content. She has worked with a wide range of clients experiencing Sciatica, Neuropathy, and generalized mobility & flexibility issues, especially withing the workplace environment.  Her self created Apothecary business provides herbal remedies, candles, herbal roll-ons, bath salts and fragrances that assist in the healing of emotional and physical deficiencies. Claudia is an integral part of our expert wellbeing team.

Sarah Silverman,PsyD

Holistic Sleep Specialist


Dr. Sarah Silverman is a Stanford-trained holistic sleep specialist, insomnia expert, and wellness consultant who’s passionate about sleep health and wellness. Dr. Sarah uses a personalized, mindfulness-based approach to help improve sleep problems. Notably, she is an expert in Cognitive Behavior Therapy for insomnia (CBTi), the first-line, drug-free approach for adults with chronic insomnia. CBTi is an effective way to improve sleep naturally and overcome chronic insomnia without medication. Dr. Sarah is the founder and CEO of ZzzHaus (“Sleep House”), an online health consulting agency, which provides concierge holistic wellness coaching and consulting services. As a company focused on women’s sleep and circadian health optimization, ZzzHaus uses cutting-edge epigenetics testing, circadian science, and evidence-based protocols to maximize performance. She has also been published in reputable scientific journals and routinely provides digital media coverage on sleep and circadian health.

Markus Hutsell

Communications Technology Expert


Markus is a Project/Production manager and Audio/Video expert, who has worked in the events-industry in Austin, Texas for over 18 years.  His love of music drove him to Austin in the early 2000’s, where he found a home doing concert productions for almost 10 years, and was able to meet some of his musical heroes. He then branched out into corporate audio-visual work which broadened and deepened his experience in larger corporate productions both for live-events, as well as recording and streaming. “I can’t seem to pull myself away from audio-visual work and play, which for me is great, because I get to do what I love everyday.”